Foursquare for iOS gets updated to version 6.0

After four years of their social presence, Foursquare has launched the updated version 6.0 for iOS. While the previous version focused more on social networking, the updated version shifts focus to their recommendations engine.


The new Foursquare is dedicated towards the Explore recommendations provided by the app. The app is more towards finding new places and checking the previously visited places. The Search bar has even replaced the Foursquare logo on the top bar and the search functionality is faster and has better autocomplete.

The app also lists out trending places (in real-time) and other recommended places you might consider visiting in your locality. The map with nearby friends has been improved. With the new Foursquare it’s unlikely that you will need a guide a new place. All you have to do is start entering the places, like ATM or restaurants, you want to search and the app will quickly provide the best recommendations.

You can try the new Foursquare app for iOS by downloading it from the Apple App Store.