Galaxy S III to have 4.6 inch Super AMOLED+ screen and iPhone 5, a 4.3 inch both arriving in May: OLED Association

So we are back with our regular scoop of rumours revolving around the much-awaited and much-rumoured Android powered Samsung Galaxy S III and iOS running iPhone 5.


First up is the Galaxy S III and after seeing a few render leaks here and there, we are now hearing that the S III may arrive with a Super AMOLED HD+ display with a 4.6 inch screen with a pixel density of 319ppi. Now this would same like the 720p panel of the Galaxy Nexus, but the only difference being the addition of ‘Plus’ in the display.

The news comes in directly from the OLED Association so it could go on to be about 99% true as the association indeed goes on to have at least a little knowledge about the screens that various manufacturers use in their devices. The OLED Association has said that, “Samsung  is expected to add phosphorescent green, which will reduce power consumption and make the OLED display competitive with the retina display at white levels of 40%, while significantly outperforming LCDs for images and video.”

With this the OLED Association has also revealed that the expected time of arrival of the Galaxy S III to be in May this year, as we have already seen in a few leaks. 
The association also said that it expects the Apple iPhone 5 to arrive around the same time as that of the S III and is expected to arrive with a 4.3 inch screen and same pixel density as that of the Galaxy S III. 
Now this is indeed a very interesting piece of information leaking out from the OLED-A.  What do you think, 4.6 inch for the S III and 4.3 inch for the iPhone 5 is good?