Game app downloads decrease on Android, entertainment and utility on the rise

So it seems that Android owners are not very fond of gaming. New statistics from mobile apps search company Chomp who presented its first annual app search analytics report says that Android users are installing fewer games and are now downloading more entertainment apps. Only 22% of total apps downloaded from the Android Market represent Games.

android-search-statistics-1                                                       ANDROID STATISTICS

Comparing the statistics to iOS, Apple owners are still downloading more games than any other platform.  About 36.1% of apps installed from iTunes comprised of games.

android-search-statistics-2                                                       iOS STATISTICS

Both the platforms are seeing a good increase in entertainment apps including Netflix, Talking Tom, Crackle and Flixster. However, utility apps have a different story. Android is seeing a good rise in utility apps while iTunes is seeing a decline.

Chomp has announced a Top Ten apps list for both platforms based on the number of searches that Chomp handles.

On Android, the top apps were:
  • Pandora
  • Facebook
  • Lookout Mobile Security
  • Zedge Ringtones
  • Advanced Task Killer
  • Handcent SMS
  • Dolphin Browser
  • The Weather Channel
  • TuneIn
  • GasBuddy
On iOS, they were:
  • Angry Birds
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • IMDb
  • Pandora
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • SoundHound
  • Netflix
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Instagram