Google Keyboard 5.1 gets support for themes and more with Android N Developer Preview 3

An update earlier this month brought features like one-hand mode and key borders to the Google Keyboard version 5.0. While the Google Keyboard v5.0 could be easily installed, it was not compatible with the Android N Developer Preview. This seems to be taken care of with the third developer preview of Android N.


Not only does version 5.1 of Google Keyboard bring one-hand mode to Android N, but it also gets some cool new features like support for themes and new emojis. You can now add color to the Google Keyboard by using the available themes.

If adding colors to the keyboard is not enough for you, you can also set a custom image as the background to the keyboard. Cool, isn’t it? Besides this, also included are the key borders. You can now choose to show/hide borders between the keys. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly type faster with keyboards which come with key borders.

That’s not all. The new emojis which were introduced in Android N were only visible in the keyboard but couldn’t be typed. This update fixes that as well. You can now access and type all those emojis. Here’s the download link to the apk file of Google Keyboard v5.1. However, if you are running older version of Android, only the themes will be accessible to you and not the emojis.