Google KITT will let you safely talk on your phone while driving [Report]

Many of us are quite hateful of talking on your phone while driving and rightly so. It does not take a scientist to know that it creates an attention diversion for the driver and causes many accidents.  Well, it seems if Google has its way, you could actually ‘safely’ talk while driving. This might just be another adventurous project from Google, but it sounds pretty common sensical.


The Google KITT derives its name from the Knight Rider series, since it creates functionality where you talk to a person on phone just like you would have talked to a co-passenger and not like you would talk on a phone which is a bigger diversion for your senses. The basic concept is pretty simple – Instead of using the phone like you normally do, all you need to interact with is the voice functionality. You will not have to take off your eyes off the road for even one second, which can become the difference  between life and death in many scenarios.

This kind of sounds similar to the Moto X’s Touchless Control feature, But it is centered around the Google Search feature. It basically goes a step further. In that feature you can receive and send voice feedback, but not confirm your actions which will need manual intervention. Google is going one step further to ensure it has more on offer.

If this feature works well, it might save many lives and forever create new ways for driving. It will get more and more people on the Android bandwagon. Google plans to get Android smartphones tabs, PCs and Android powered dashboards all in on this.

It will have some or the other thing on cue – the law is still working to settle around Google Glass which has been a center of controversies, even before its actual global release.

KITT will take time to  actually debut in the real world. They will also have to work on battery consumption if they want to make it practically usable.

The main thing about Google KITT that you need to know is that it is a completely touch and eyes free functionality.

Google is working combating Apple CarPlay but it is working on practical technology rather than coming out with fancy functions which might not be of great help in normal ways of life.