Google working on Android 4.3 instead of 5.0

Although we’re trying to guess what features would be introduced in the new Android 5.0, new reports suggest that the version may not feature at this Google I/O at all.


According to reports, Google is working on the Android version 4.3 instead of the version 5.0 and it still would be Jelly Bean. Server logs show an Android 4.3 JWR23B (where J indicates Jelly Bean). The Android version 4.3 is expected to be loaded on the refreshed Nexus 7 and also the 32 GB Nexus 4, which are due to launch at the Google I/O.

Considering no findings of any Android 5.0 version, it is quite possible that Google might have delayed the 5.0 version and instead gave an incremental Jelly Bean update. Also releasing an intermediate update for Jelly Beans before the next 5.0 version would take the pressure from app compatibility issues and architectural changes.

Now that we’re hardly a month away from the Google I/O developer conference, let’s just wait and watch if we get the Android 5.0 or just an Android 4.3.