Have you contributed to the Samsung ‘Galaxy Note II Incredible Art-Piece’ yet?

Last week, we shared with you how you could become a part of a Guinness World Record thanks to the Samsung ‘Galaxy Note II Incredible Art-Piece’ which is an attempt to break an existing Guinness World Record.


At that time, over 64,000 people had already contributed with their digital arts to the world record and back on Tuesday the record reached the halfway mark as 100,000 Indian contributed to the record.

The current world record is being held by the Great Britain wherein 2,01,958 people contributed to create a single digital art piece and currently over 1,28,000 artists have already contributed to the record.
Anybody can be a part of this attempt to break the World Record and if you still haven’t participated all you have to do is visit the Samsung Galaxy Note II The Incredible Art Piece page, wherein you will have to fill-in your details to get started.
Once you are done with it, you are greeted with loads of options and tools to choose from using which you can draw something inspires you or anything that you like. It is very simple. After you finish drawing, you can submit your art to Samsung and at the end of it, you’ll be provided with a certificate of participation which you can download and save as a memory.
All that we would say for now is, don’t miss on this opportunity of being a part of a world record as it would bring glory to India when the record is broken. If you wish to contribute to the Samsung Galaxy Note II The Incredible Art Piece offline, then you can create an art piece offline, you can visit any of the Samsung Digital Plazas, Samsung Smartphone Cafe’s and Samsung Experience Zones to create your digital art piece and submit it online.