HERE Maps with free offline navigation is back on iOS

Ever since Nokia announced that it will be bringing its HERE Maps to other platforms, we were excited, considering the unique features it brings. While HERE Maps recently made its way to Android, it has returned to iOS as well.


Nokia had launched its HERE Maps app on Apple’s platform a while back but its features weren’t anywhere near to the Windows Phone counterpart we are used to. Nokia then decided to remove the app until today. The HERE Maps is now available for iOS as well and it has arrived with the all the amazing features we love from Nokia’s mapping app.


HERE Maps for iOS brings the great offline voice guided turn-by-turn navigation along with info on guidance, lane switching and traffic schedules. There’s the ability to download maps of regions you are based in, which lets you use most of the maps features without the need of data.

So, what are you waiting for iOS users, hit the iTunes link below and get the HERE Maps on your device and tell us how you like it.

HERE Maps – Apple iTunes (Free)