Here’s an Android smartphone made out of Bamboo

So we talk about the environment, and how we should take measures to reduce pollution and waste and we should adapt the reuse, reduce and recycle policy. Well it is true because even parts of our mobile phones can be recycled.


So here’s something new for you eco-friendly geeks. A concept Android smartphone called ADzero which seems to be carved out of bamboo. And yes, it works. The concept is designed by Middlesex University student named Kieron-Scott Woodhouse.

While the design seems pretty nice, I don’t know if the design could reach the masses. But it will be brilliant as handsets makers really need to improve their design aesthetics. Agreed there are limitations to wood, but then doesn’t every material? There have been previous attempts made by some Japanese company but it never made it to the market.

What’s your opinion? Wood-clad smartphones in style or not?