Here’s an Android app to test for Carrier IQ

With Carrier IQ becoming a major concern for handset users, manufacturers and alike are claiming that they do not have Carrier IQ present in their handsets. In case you don’t know what Carrier IQ is, then hit here to know more about it.

Some might be relieved, while others cannot be very sure about this. So to make sure if your smartphone has Carrier IQ, apps have started dropping by. Here is one from the Android Market called Carrier IQ Detector.

Simply install the app and run it and it will instantly tell you if your Android device has Carrier IQ or not. We have tested it on the Samsung Galaxy Note, and a few Sony Ericsson Xperia devices and apparently none of them has Carrier IQ.

You can try the app for your Android device by downloading the app from the Android Market over here. There are other apps as well that you can try just in case you want to make sure.