How to hide apps on your Android smartphone [Guide]

Increasing competition in the smartphone market has resulted in reduction of smartphone prices. Almost everyone and his cousin now owns an Android smartphone, thanks to this competition between the companies to gain the most of the market share. There are a plethora of apps available on Google’s Play Store ready to serve you with their features. There’s literally an app out there for almost everything. Be it an app for the fitness freaks or the foodies, for globetrotters or the next Einsteins. You will find an app for almost everything and everyone. The quality may differ, but it will still be there.


There are times when you don’t want those prying eyes to have a look at the apps installed on your Android. Just because you want to hide something doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Everyone deserves privacy and we agree with you.

Sometimes you may feel the need to prevent others from opening any banking apps installed on your phone, or don’t want those kids to play games on that new Android you just bought. Why not lock the app? You might ask. Yes, you can lock the apps, but what if you don’t want others to know about the existence of a particular app on your Android? Games for instance. We show you how to hide apps on your Android smartphone with this tutorial.

How to hide apps on your Android smartphone

Step 1: In order to be able to hide apps on your Android smartphone, you will first need to download the Apex Launcher from Google’s Play Store. As soon as you install the launcher, it will be activated automatically. Open the ‘app drawer‘ and tap on the ‘three-dot menu‘ at the top-right of the screen. After that, tap on the ‘Apex settings‘ option.


We will hide the ‘Asphalt Nitro’ game installed in my Android smartphone.

Step 2: Now, in the ‘Apex settings’, tap on the ‘Drawer settings‘ option and then the ‘Hidden apps‘ option. Upon doing so, you will see an entire list of apps that is installed on your Android smartphone. The Apex Launcher will remain hidden by default.


Step 3: Now, select the ‘checkbox‘ provided against the app that you want to hide. In this case, we will hide the ‘Asphalt Nitro’ game. Select the ‘checkbox’ and then tap on ‘Save‘.


Now when you re-open the app drawer again, you won’t see the app that you selected. As you can see in the image above, the ‘Asphalt Nitro’ is not visible in the app drawer. If you want that app back in the app drawer, you can go back to that app list and simply uncheck the checkbox and then exit by saving the changes you made.

We hope you were able to hide apps on your Android smartphone with this tutorial. If you think there are other apps and ways with which you hide apps on your Android smartphone, do share them with us. If you enjoyed reading this tutorial, there are several others for you in our How-To Guides section.