Honor 5X vs Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016): Specs Comparison

Honor 5X and Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) both are launched this year so we planned to hit the specs comparison today. Which is better in terms of specifications, features, and price, we will find it out. Take a look at the Honor 5X vs Samsung Galaxy J3 specs comparison in this post.


Check out the specifications of Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) and Honor 5X below to find out which one has a better specs according to you. We will give our opinion based on these specs and our usage. Here’s a spec-by-spec comparison of these two smartphones.

Honor 5X vs Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

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When you compare the Honor 5X and Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), the specification on the Honor 5X is a clear step up. Honor 5X definitely wins in the comparison. Although, the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) has a few advantage over Honor 5X like the AMOLED display, a removable battery, NFC (S-Bike Mode), and bundled earphones. After all, the price is also a factor, the Samsung Galaxy is priced at ₹8,999. While the Honor 5X wins in the almost all the areas like larger screen size, bigger storage, a fingerprint scanner, better CPU performance, better camera, and longer battery life, the price of this smartphone is ₹4000 higher comparatively (₹12,999).

For people who has a low budget below ₹10,000 can consider the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), otherwise, Honor 5X is a clear winner.

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