How to add a number row in Google Keyboard [Android Guide]

With smartphones possessing the capability to perform almost all the tasks that a personal computer does, our dependence on them has increased. Be it paying bills, booking a cab, renting a hotel room or typing emails. Current generation smartphones can handle all this with ease.


We use our smartphones to browse through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks to the availability of apps from major email service providers, we don’t have to start our personal computers to write new emails or reply to the ones lying in Inbox. If what you are typing consists of writing a lot of numbers, then it might get annoying on a smartphone as there isn’t a dedicated number row by default on the keyboard.

We show you how to add a number row in Google Keyboard so yo can type much faster without having to switch between alphabets and numbers.

How to add a number row in Google Keyboard

Step 1: To add a number row in Google Keyboard, go to Settings > Language & input > Google Keyboard.


Step 2: Now, in the Google Keyboard Settings, tap on ‘Appearance & Layouts‘ and then ‘Custom input styles‘.


Step 3: As soon as you enter the ‘Custom input styles’ menu, you will see a ‘+‘ button at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on that ‘+‘ button. Doing so will provide you an option to add a new style. Tap on the ‘drop-down‘ buttons to select a new style.


I selected ‘English (India)‘ in Language, you can select whatever language you prefer. But, in the Layout section, select ‘PC‘. It’s important to select PC layout if you want to add a number row in Google Keyboard.


Step 4: After you’ve selected the ‘Language’ and ‘Layout’, tap on ‘Add‘. You will be asked to enable ‘Custom input styles’ if not enabled already. Tap on ‘Enable‘.


By default, your smartphone would be using system language. As soon as you tap on ‘Enable’ you will be provided with a list of input methods. Turn off ‘Use system language’ by toggling the button provided against it. After that, enable the language you selected as ‘Active input method’. I selected ‘English (India)’ so I toggled the button provided against it to turn it on.


Step 5: Now whenever you are going to type something, long press the space bar. Doing so will show you the keyboard options.


Select the custom input style you created. In our case, ‘English (India) (PC)’. As soon as you change the keyboard, you will see a number row being added in the Google Keyboard.


You can always change the keyboard by long pressing the space bar and then select a keyboard from the options provided.

Hope this tutorial proved useful for you. We have more tutorials in our How-To Guides section.