How To Change Download Location In Safari Browser [Mac]

When you download any files from the Safari browser on your Mac, the default download location is the Downloads folder. Most users are just fine with it, but some of you might want to change the download location in Safari.

Safari sets a default download location on your Mac and you can see all your downloaded files in the Download folder in the Finder, however, this directory can be changed from the Safari Preferences. Want to know? Here’s how.


How To Change Download Location In Safari

To change the download location in Safari to a different one, follow these steps.

  • Head to the Safari Preferences by launching the Safari browser and click on the Safari in the menu bar.
  • Click on the General tab and locate the File download location. You have two options – ‘Ask for each download’, or ‘Other…’
  • Choose the ‘Other…’ to change the directory by selecting a folder in the next window.

You can also choose ‘Ask for each download’ so that you can choose the download location each time you download the files, however, if you want to keep a fixed download location path, choose the ‘Other…’.

How-To-Change-Download-Location-In-Safari-Mac-2 How-To-Change-Download-Location-In-Safari-Mac

Changing the download location in Safari will only apply to the files you download after you have made the change, any files you have downloaded before that won’t change its location, they will stay in the Downloads folder.

If you can’t find the files that you have downloaded on your Mac, you can make use of the Spotlight search and type the name of the file to find it instantly. If you like the Spotlight search tool, also check out these 6 Spotlight shortcuts for Mac power users.

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