How to change keyboard color based on the app you are using [Android Guide]

Do you ever get bored looking at the same old color of your Android device’s keyboard? Many Android devices come with Google Keyboard, whereas some devices like that of Samsung come with their own custom keyboards.


Wouldn’t it be cool if you can use keyboard with a different color? Better yet, wouldn’t it be cool if the keyboard changed its color to match the theme of the app you are using? Sounds cool, right? Sure it does. In this tutorial, we show you how to change keyboard color based on the app you are using. Read on.

How to change keyboard color based on the app you are using

Step 1: You will need to download the ‘Chrooma Keyboard‘ app from Google’s Play Store first.

When you open the app, you will be asked to enable Chrooma Keyboard. Tap on enable and then toggle the button provided against Chrooma Keyboard in ‘Language & input’ menu to enable it.


You will be asked for confirmation when you toggle the button. Tap on ‘OK‘ to enable it.


Step 2: After you’ve enabled the Chrooma Keyboard, you need to switch to Chrooma Keyboard from your current keyboard. Tap on ‘Select‘ and then choose Chrooma Keyboard.


Step 3: After having switched to Chrooma Keyboard from your current keyboard, you will need to select languages in which you want to type using this keyboard. Tap on ‘Select‘ and choose languages by toggling the buttons provided against the input methods. I chose the default system language which is English.


Lastly, tap on ‘Enable‘ permissions. You can login to Chrooma Keyboard using your Google account to sync preferences across different devices, but this is not mandatory and can be skipped. At the end, tap on the ‘tick mark‘ to start the Chrooma Keyboard.


Step 4: As soon as the Chrooma Keyboard app is opened, you will find a toggle button provided against the ‘Adapt keyboard color‘ option in the Appearance tab. Toggle that button so that the keyboard color will change according to the app that is being used by you.


That’s it. It’s done. Now whenever you open an app, the keyboard will change its color based on the color theme of the app you have opened.

Facebook app (left), Twitter app (right)

You can notice the keyboard in different colors while using different apps.

Google Chrome (left), Yahoo! Mail app (right)

How to change keyboard color and keep it same across all the apps

If you want to change keyboard color but want it to be the same across all the apps, then worry not, that’s possible as well.

Step 1: You will find a ‘Fixed Color‘ option in the ‘Color’ category of the Appearance tab. There will be a toggle button provided against that option, toggle it to turn it on.


After that, tap on ‘Choose fixed color‘ and select the color you would like to see the keyboard in across all the apps. Tap on ‘Choose‘ after you have selected the color.


As you can notice in the image above, when the ‘Adapt keyboard color‘ option is turned on, the keyboard color will change based on the color theme of the current app. Whereas, when the ‘Fixed color‘ option is turned on, the keyboard color will change to the color that has been selected by you. That keyboard color will remain same across all the apps when ‘Fixed color’ option is turned on.

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