How to Delete Cache to Speed-Up Your Android Smartphone [In-Depth Guide]

The cache or temporary files are are stored on your Android smartphone by various apps to perform tasks quicker. However over time, the accumulated cache might start consuming a lot of storage space and slow down the performance of your Android smartphone instead of helping it.


Hence we have come up with this in-depth guide that explains how you can clear cache and speed up your Android smartphone.

How to Clear App Cache

The major amount of cache is always created by the multiple apps that you might have on your smartphone. But if we were to bifurcate the app according to their types most social media apps will be the ones with largest amount of cache. That said, here’s how you can delete all the cache created by your installed apps:

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications.
  • Inside Apps & notifications select all apps,
  • Under all apps tap on the app that seems to have a very large file size.
  • Now tap on Storage & cache followed by clear cache.

How to Clear Browser Cache

Apart from the cache created by all your installed applications, Android smartphones also might have loads of cache accumulated inside your web browser. Here’s how to get rid of it:

  • Open the Chrome Web browser on your Android smartphone.
  • Inside Chrome tap on the vertical 3 dot menu then select History.
  • Under history tap on Clear Browsing Data, select all the necessary things except your saved passwords and tap on the blue Clear Data button.

That’s about it! Once you’ve followed this guide to remove all the unnecessary cache for your Android smartphone, your smartphone will thank you and will perform a bit better than it used to.