How to display Contacts with Phone Numbers only [Android] [Guide]

Ever noticed your phone’s contact list showing you overstuffed contacts of the people with only emails and other information but not phone numbers. If you are using an android phone and you have used any sync services like Google account to maintain your contact list then it’s most likely to happen. Some apps tend to sync the contacts to your contact book leaving the name, email and other information to your phone without numbers.

It’s really annoying when you open the contacts app and hard to find someone due to the bloated contact list by the sync services. Also, when you try to call someone and the person without a number pop up, it instantly pisses you off. To fix this up, you need to follow a few steps below:

Step 1:

Open Contacts app on your android and find settings menu.

Step 2:

On stock Android, select ‘Contacts to display’ option and you will see a list of apps that shows their synced contacts. Tap the ‘SDN – Service Dialling Number’ option. The image below is captured from Moto X.



On other devices, under the Settings menu, check the box where it says ‘Only contacts with phones’ and you are done. The screenshot below is from Galaxy Note 4 Edge.


What this does is it hides the contacts that don’t have any numbers saved within. As long as you have phone numbers saved, the email contacts will remain hidden from the contact list.