How To Enable Dark Mode on Redmi And Mi Smartphones [MIUI 12]

Dark Mode or Dark Theme is widely used these days and it is available in several Android smartphones with a custom interface, but then, with the newer Android versions, the dark mode is now built-in natively and works system-wide.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max (Left), Redmi Note 10 (Right)

The Dark mode is one of those essential features on a smartphone that helps you to ease your eyes during the night or low ambient lights. Smartphones with AMOLED displays can be highly beneficial while using the Dark Mode, it allows you to extend the battery life with AMOLED displays.

The Dark mode turns your smartphone interface into a dark theme with apps utilizing it. The black background won’t light up the pixels on AMOLED screens, further aiding to save the battery life. If you haven’t been using your Redmi or Mi phone in Dark Mode, then here’s how you can enable Dark Mode on Redmi and Mi smartphones and use it.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Redmi And Mi Phones [MIUI 12]

To get it started, swipe the notification panel from the top and select the Dark Mode shortcut to quickly enter the Dark Mode. You can also enter the settings menu and find more options for the Dark mode including the schedule that helps you enable Dark Mode on Redmi or Mi phones at a specific time.

  • Head to Settings -> Display -> Dark Mode
  • Turn on the Dark Mode slider.


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