How to get Tesla in PUBG Mobile

Want Tesla in PUBG Mobile? Yes, you can get a Tesla car in PUBG Mobile, no kidding. PUBG Mobile now offers a Tesla Model Y car on the Erangel map, if you drive cars in PUBG Mobile, this Tesla can drive itself when you activate autopilot mode. Here’s how to get Tesla in PUBG Mobile.


Recently, PUBG Mobile announced its partnership with Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, and the update was expected to be released this month. Krafton and Tencent Games have rolled out a PUBG Mobile update version 1.5 that includes a Tesla car for driving. Most notably, this Tesla car can be found on Erangel and drives on its own tending to show its self-drive capabilities.

The PUBG Mobile global version has received a major update, meanwhile, in India, gamers are currently experiencing the new PUBG made for India, Battlegrounds Mobile India, an Indian version of PUBG. The PUBG Mobile 1.5 update has started rolling out across the globe with a handful of new features.

In addition, the 1.5 update for the game also puts a fully functional Tesla Gigafactory onto the map n which you can find the Tesla car. Tesla is among the well-known car brands over the world and it makes cool designs and highly intelligent self-driving cars.

How to get Tesla in PUBG Mobile 

  1. Launch Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) and hit search for PUBG Mobile.
  2. Once you are on the PUBG Mobile page, tap on the Update button to update the PUBG Mobile.
  3. Start the game and play Erangel map (EvoGround) to find the new Tesla car, make sure you land near the Tesla Gigafactory.
  4. Once you land, enter inside and find three terminals with switches, make use of the stairs to climb.
  5. The second switch is on the opposite side above the room where the assembly line starts.
  6. The third one is just below the second one inside the room. Activating all three switches will start a Tesla Model Y production in the factory.
  7. Once done, jump in and enjoy the ride.


“The cutting-edge design at TESLA makes it a perfect partner for PUBG Mobile, a game which consistently adds new, innovative gameplay whether it’s the sound driven hundred rhythms game mode or the runic power mode that offers players special powers in their fight to become the final survivor on the maps of Erangel,” said Jenny Zhuang, PUBG Mobile’s marketing manager for Southeast Asia.

“We hope this partnership will take our cross-border collaboration to the next level, provide more elements and bring more enthusiasm to the game”, Zhuang added.