How to limit Wi-Fi data on Windows 10

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection on Windows, it is likely that your Windows 10 will use the data whenever needed in order to keep the system and apps updated. Ever happened to you that your Windows 10 PC quickly consumes the Wi-Fi data when you are on a limited data plan? What you can do here is set the connection as metered to limit the use of data, here’s how.


How to limit Wi-Fi data on Windows 10

Windows 10 downloads important updates automatically in the background, this is fine if you have an unlimited data connection, but if you don’t, you can prevent Windows from downloading and uploading updates by setting your connection as metered.

What exactly does the metered connection do? It turns off any automatic update of apps and most Windows updates which eventually saves your data from draining automatically.

Follow these steps to limit Wi-Fi data on Windows 10.

  • Head to the Windows Settings using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I or use the Start menu to open the Settings.
  • Click on the Network & Internet and on the left side click on Wi-Fi.
  • On the right side pane, click on the Wi-Fi you are connected to enter the settings of the active connection.
  • In the next window, scroll down to Metered connection and turn on the switch Set as metered connection.

That’s all you have to do to limit the Wi-Fi data on your Windows 10 PC. You can also set a data limit, Windows will set the metered connection settings for you to help you stay under your limit.

Click on Set a data limit to help control data usage on this network, you will be taken to the data limit settings, click on the Set limit and choose the desired settings to limit the data. You can do it from the Settings -> Network & Internet -> Data usage.

Just below it, you can choose the Background data option to restrict the background data usage for the Wi-Fi connection. This will limit Store apps and Windows features from downloading and uploading in the background.

That’s was it, in case you want to stop Windows from downloading the updates, you can pause them for up to 35 days. If you like this guide, do check out more awesome stuff here – Windows and Mac tutorials, guides, tips, tricks, and hidden features.

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