How to manage storage on iPad [iOS] [Guide]

Whether capturing a video or installing large apps, your iPad shows a popup to remind you that your device’s storage is running less. Perhaps it just denies to the stuff that needs some storage space on your iPad. And since all iOS devices have no expandable memory options, your iPad storage will sooner or later run out of space. So, it’s necessary to observe what’s gobbling up your iPad storage. Follow our guide below to manage storage on iPad.


How to manage storage on iPad

As high as the 128GB, the poor man’s iPad starts off at a low 16 GB storage, they will often face storage problems if used extensively. Fortunately, iPad provides a setting which shows the apps that take away your storage. You can further manage it. Here’s how.

Open Settings, simply go to General -> Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage, and wait for the apps to shown as iOS determines which apps are using the highest amount of space taken on the internal storage as well as in iCloud storage. It will sort out all the apps accordingly.




The list of apps will show you how much space is taken and from here you can manage storage on iPad. Tap the apps and see what you can do with them. If it’s a game that takes gigabytes of space, it is recommended to remove if it’s not being played anymore. Nothing fills up faster than music, if you listen to the music often then it is likely to take up huge storage. They can surely be removed and you only keep the ones that you listen the most. Others might me some photos and videos that were captured with camera and likewise send through iMessage. You can delete all the photos and videos stored on your iPad after taking a backup of them to your PC or Mac.


Moreover, your browsing history and cache data of Google Chrome also takes a few amount of space, you can remove them too. If you are using any music streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music, then you can safely remove the cache that has stored on your iPad. Some podcasts and Audiobooks can be streamed online too. Once you remove the unnecessary stuff from your iPad, you will notice that your storage is increased.

Got any other workaround to free up the storage on your iPad, share us in the comments. For more tutorials, see our How-To Guides.