How to Play NES Games on Any Android Smartphone [In-Depth Guide]

Do you ever think about how much fun you had playing those Nintendo games during your childhood? All the joys and frustrations of Super Mario Bros, Mega man, Contra, and legends of Zelda?

If yes, then here’s a solution: all that you need to relieve those memories is your Android smartphone, an active internet connection and this how-to guide that explains each and everything there is to know about playing classic games from the Nintendo Entertainment System games on an Android Smartphone.

Step 1: Downloading a NES Emulator

First and foremost, you’ll require to download a free NES emulator as shown in the steps below:

  • Go to Google Play Store, then search for Nostalgia.NES.
  • Once you find the App tap on install and wait until it finishes downloading.
  • Upon downloading you can simply open the app to get a gist of how the app works and so on. 


Step 2: Finding & Downloading NES Games

Next, you will need a ROM of the game you want to play i.e. the digital equivalent of a game cassette. You can find plenty of them for free on the Web as detailed in the steps below:

  • Open your phone’s web browser and simply search for NES ROMs and you can simply tap on any of the links and download a game of your choice, in our case we went to: to download our ROMs.
  • Once the download is completed you will see that its a .zip file which in this case doesn’t need to be extracted as you will see in step 3.

Additionally, as NES is a very old console all the games it runs are also pretty old 8-bit games that only take up a few kilobytes of storage at a time potentially allowing to download as many as thousands of game on to your smartphone without worrying about your internal storage running out or or your smartphone slowing down. 

Step 3: Loading Up & Playing Games

Once you’ve selected your favourite game and installed an emulator on your Android phone you can simply load up the newly downloaded game and relive your childhood as shown in the steps below:

  • Open the Nostalgia Emulator again and it will start scanning for ROMs automatically.


  • Once you see your newly downloaded ROMs inside the emulator tap on any one of it and play away.  


That’s pretty much how you too can play any NES game of your choice, right from your Android smartphone. Additionally, if you truly want to experience that Nintendo Nostalgia than its really worth investing in a USB controller along with an OTG adapter (USB-C male to USB-A female), both of which can be purchased on Amazon under Rs.1000.