How to remove Google location history [Android] [Guide]

Google can track you wherever you go by using the location services available on your phone. Turning off the location services still doesn’t help you to remove Google location history that had already been accumulated before on your Android phone. To remove Google location history from your phone, Google allows you to do it under the Settings.


How to remove Google location history from your phone

There are some people who are concerned with their privacy and do not want to share their location information. If you are among them and you want to keep information within yourself, then try not to use location services unless it is necessary.

The obvious would be to remove any history that is stored on your device, to do that, open ‘Google Settings’, swipe to find ‘Location’ and tap it. You will be taken to your phone’s location settings where you can see ‘Google Location History’ option.

Google Settings


In case, there are multiple Google accounts attached to the device, select the one you use for the location services. Tap the small arrow on the top right near the email to select the desired Google account and remove Google location history of the selected.

On the bottom choose ‘Delete Location History’, a popup window will arrive to warn you that you will not be able to get the history back again and the apps that are currently using the location services will stop working. Well, nothing to worry about, just ‘I understand and want to delete’ checkbox and tap Delete.


All the history saved within the device is now removed. If you simply want to remove Google location history for a specific day or a time frame or you want to remove only a place you have visited, then use Google Location History link on a browser.

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