How to remove Google search history on Android [Guide]

Let’s say, your friends take your phone to search for something on the internet, the first website they remember is to open on the browser. You realise you have a wacky search history on Google that will pop up in the auto-complete when someone makes a search and they will notice the dark side of you and your goose is cooked. You will end up with a query – How to remove Google search history on Android since you apparently do not want your friends to know about your private search history.


As there are a couple of ways to remove Google search history on Android, we will show you the both. Here’s our guide below.

How to remove Google search history on Android

The first one is only for a quick removal of the search history that can be seen in the auto-complete.

NOTE: Just make sure to update your Google search app. Head to Play Store and search the app ‘Google’ to see if it needs an update.

If you want to clear a few search queries that are displayed on the search box, open the Google app as shown. You do not need to log into your Google account.


You simply tap and hold the item from a list of the search queries. A dialog box appears ‘Remove from search history’. Tap OK to remove Google search history from your phone.


The second way is to manually select the search queries to remove that you do not want to show them. This method is useful if you want to keep your history and only remove those that you do not want to show. If you want to remove more search queries, then Google provides a control panel where you can manage all your search history, however, a login is required for your Google account.

Open up a browser on your Android phone (we are using here ‘Google Chrome’ browser) and visit:


Swipe up. Below tap on ‘Settings’ and select ‘History’ as shown. You can otherwise visit directly to


Now, you will be asked to log into your Google account as the history is stored on your Google account. Sign in and continue.


On the ‘History’ menu, all your searches you have made are listed here and can be managed. The search queries are listed according to the days you surfed. Swipe up to see a list of searches you have made on your phone. On every search saved, you will see a small check box button on the left. While you can select the searches you want, I have selected the searches I made on ‘Today’ itself. Tap ‘Delete’ to remove Google search history on Android.


The same can be done with a desktop PC, log into your Google account from a desktop and remove Google search history easily. It is recommended to clear search history if you are on a shared device.

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