How to turn off Keyboard Sound and Vibration on Android [Guide]

Keyboard sound and vibration is essential for you when you type with your Android keyboard. It serves you more than just a regular keyboard as tactile and audio feedback on your smartphone is quite important, but sometimes you may feel it isn’t necessary and you want to turn off keyboard sound and vibration on Android for your convenience.


On many Android smartphones, Google Keyboard is the default keyboard selected. Google keyboard and other 3rd party keyboards can be configured in many ways and we will show you an easy way to turn off keyboard sound and vibration on your Android smartphone. Here’s our guide:

How to Turn off Keyboard Sound and Vibration on Android

If your Android has a different keyboard like the popular one ‘SwiftKey’ or ‘Swype’, your settings may be somehow same as shown. We will show you the steps for Google Keyboard, SwiftKey, and Swype. If you have any other keyboards installed, the settings remain similar.

Google Keyboard

Step 1: Head to the Settings menu on your Android smartphone. You can find the Settings icon on the homescreen or from the notification bar.


Step 2: Swipe up, find ‘Language & input’, and it.


Step 3: Tap on the Current keyboard. My cellphone shows English (UK) – Google Keyboard, yours may be different. Tap on Preferences.


Turn off Keyboard Vibration on Google Keyboard

Tap the toggle switch Vibrate on Keypress to turn off keyboard vibration on Android. It turns to grey. If you want to re-enable the keyboard vibration just tap the slider again and turn it on. Your keyboard will no longer vibrate on keypress.


To Turn off Keyboard sound on Google Keyboard

Tap the toggle switch Sound on Keypress to turn off keyboard sound on Android. You can always re-enable it by tapping the slider again. This way you can turn off the keyboard sound on your Android smartphone.


Turn off Keyboard Sound and Vibration on SwiftKey Keyboard

Step 1: Select the SwiftKey keyboard from the Language & input.


Step 2: Under SwiftKey settings, go to Typing -> Sound & Vibration


Step 3: Now, find the option that says ‘Use the Android default vibration‘ and uncheck it.


Turn off Keyboard Sound and Vibration on Swype Keyboard

Step 1: Choose the Swype keyboard from the Language and input and enter in to the settings.


Step 2: Swipe from the left side and tap on settings. you will see a few options like sound on keypress, popup on keypress, long-press delay, and etc.


Step 3: Uncheck the box ‘Sound on Keypress‘. The Swype keyboard comes with trial version that doesn’t come with full features. hence, vibration is disabled already. But, for users who have purchased this app can turn off by setting Vibration Duration to 0 ms.


This way you can turn off sound and vibration on any keyboard you use on your Android smartphone.

So which keyboard do you use, Google Keyboard, SwiftKey, or Swype? Share us in the comments below. Want more tutorials like this? Here’s more How-To Guides.