How To View Saved Passwords In Mozilla Firefox [Windows 10]

Like other browsers, the Mozilla Firefox can also save your login passwords so that you don’t have to remember them. Firefox can save the username and password whenever you log in on a website. These passwords and login credentials are saved within the browser and you can easily view the saved passwords and logins for websites in Firefox.

When you visit websites that require you to log in, Firefox will prompt you to save your user name and password. Assuming that you have saved passwords in Firefox, the next time you visit the website, your Firefox browser can autofill the login credentials i.e. the username, email, or password as per the website and lets you automatically log into those websites.

If you are trying to find the saved passwords in Firefox, here’s what you can do to view saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox.


How To View Saved Passwords In Mozilla Firefox

  • Launch the Firefox on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Click the three lines in the upper right corner and go to Logins and Passwords.

A window will open in a new tab showing you the websites’ login data. Although you can view the usernames or email, the passwords are hidden and anyone who wants to see it will need to click the Eye button.

  • Search the website that you want to view the password by typing in the search bar under the Logins and Passwords. Click the Eye button to view the saved passwords.

So, this way you can view the saved passwords in Firefox. You can also remove the login information in case you don’t want Firefox to store it by clicking on the Remove button on the top. You can also edit or change the login and passwords from right here.



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