How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 11 [Step-By-Step Guide]

You’ve probably connected your Windows 11 laptop to dozens of Wi-Fi networks in its lifetime. Whether it is at home, your workplace or a hotel every time you connect to a new network by entering the Wi-Fi password, Windows 11 saves it for easy access.

Besides helping you connect quickly, saved Wi-Fi passwords may come in handy when you connect your PC to a specific Wi-Fi network and then forget its password. That said, in case you don’t remember your password too then it’s really easy to find it out as detailed below.


While there are other ways to find saved passwords, for the purposes of this article we will be focusing on using Command Prompt to do so as using the command prompt even lets you see saved passwords of previously connected networks. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Go to Start, type CMD and right-click on the first search result. Now click on Run as administrator to launch Command Prompt with elevated access.
  • Once launched, type in the Command mentioned below then press Enter to execute the code.
netsh wlan show profiles


  • Upon executing the code you will see all the previously connected networks listed under User profiles. Note down the SSID/name of the network you want to find the saved password for. (In our case we’re finding a password for an iPhone hotspot)


  • Now type in the command mentioned below and make sure to replace the ‘SSID’ with the name of the network you noted earlier.
netsh wlan show profile name="SSID" key=clear | find /I "Key Content"


  • After completing the above steps, press Enter to execute the code. You will see the password for the specified-Fi network listed beside “Key Content”.