HTC claims that Apple copied the One A9 design for its iPhone

While we did certainly feel that the recently announced HTC One A9 had striking similarities with the Apple iPhone 6, HTC categorically dismissed the comments.


According to sources, the president of HTC North Asia Jack Tong refuted all allegations claiming that the HTC One A9 ‘copied’ the design language from Apple’s iPhone 6. He further went on to state that HTC was the first to do the all metal design with plastic strips on the back of the handset right from the time of the flagship One M7, thus implying that Apple copied their design language.


The HTC One A9 was touted to be an iPhone 6 rip-off owing to the similar rounded chassis, plastic antenna lines and a protruding rear-facing camera. Further to worsen things, the handset is offered in the exact same colour variants as the iPhone 6 (Coincidence much?). While the handset certainly does look like the iPhone 6, there is no denying that the design language was first introduced by HTC which essentially means that the HTC’s One A9 is an iPhone-driven evolution of the HTC One series. What do you think about the HTC One A9, do let us know.

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