HTC Evo 3D bites the bullet; saves owner’s life

Smartphones have surely eased up our lives and have been particularly wonderful to us. We use them, not just for making calls, but for holistic entertainment, professional conveniences and other amazing stuff. They have brought a world of apps to us. But here’s something you might not have expected a smartphone to do – absorbing a bullet and saving a person’s life.


Well, a Hess clerk from Winter Garden, Florida will bless the day he decided to purchase the HTC Evo 3D smartphone. The clerk was the victim of an invasion at the gas station he worked. The store was the target of a failed robbery. While fleeing the scene, the robber fired a shot at one of the clerks. The Evo 3D smartphone in the clerks pocket actually took the brunt of the impact and saved the clerk’s life.


The best part – the man didn’t even know that he got shot at until he took out the phone from his pocket. The impact the phone took just resonates with us and increases our wonder of smartphones.