HTC may be working on two Nexus smartphones this year

Google had partnered with HTC to launch the first Nexus smartphones, however ever since, the company only made Nexus 9 tablets. Now this year, seems like the company is going to make the Nexus smartphones again.


According to sources, the Nexus 2016 smartphones would be made by HTC. Further, the company would make not one, but two Nexus smartphones – one with a 5 inch display and the other with a slightly bigger 5.5 inch display. Another source revealed that the 5 inch smartphone is codenamed as the T50, whereas the 5.5 inch smartphone is codenamed T55, relating to their sizes.

Last year Google released two Nexus smartphones – one made by LG and the other made by Huawei. As such it is not surprising that we are expecting two Nexus smartphones this year as well. However, both the smartphones would be made by the same company this year, thus giving an equal focus on both the handsets. We can expect more details soon.