HTC One Mini starts getting the Android 4.3 Update with Sense 5.5

While the flagship, HTC One already received the Android 4.3 update in Oct-Nov and is now gearing up to get the Android 4.4 KitKat update, its smaller sibling the One Mini is now starting to receive the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update along with Sense 5.5.


We all know Android 4.3 was more of an under the hood developers update so there’s nothing major you can notice visually while there are quite a few goodies Sense 5.5 brings. Thanks to the new Sense version, you can disable the Blinkfeed homescreen altogether in case you dislike it. Other improvements with the Sense 5.5 include updated music player interface, new features in BlinkFeed, improvements in Video Highlights and the notification tray and other new features which aren’t really major.

So if you have an HTC One Mini although am not sure if anyone in India bought one because its way too overpriced here but jokes apart in case you have one you might want to check for software updates and in case there’s no update for you, you have to be just a little patient as the update has just started to roll out and it might take a few day to reach your region.