HTC Zoe now available for non-HTC Android devices

Recently quite a few smartphone vendors, including Google, have been releasing their default apps on to the Google Play store. HTC is one of them with the latest being the popular HTC Zoe.


HTC has released the HTC Zoe app on the Google Play store for all Android devices including non-HTC ones. The popular multimedia app, which is developed by HTC Creative Labs, allows users to create and edit short videos that comprise your own photos and videos. These videos then can be edited by adding filters and even soundtracks, if required.

The HTC Zoe app was initially launched on the HTC One (M7) but now that it is available to all Android users, it can also be used to share the videos amongst other users. The app for non-HTC devices is still in public beta and has a few bugs. The app can be download from the Google Play store.