Huawei again caught for wrongly claiming DSLR photo as captured using its smartphone

Huawei is again in the news for the wrongs reasons. The company has been again spotted with showcasing images as “taken with Huawei smartphones” even though they photos were captured using a DSLR camera.

The images in question as a part of a photography contest on Weibo by the company. The company claimed that the images were shot using a Huawei smartphone. But a user of the platform discovered that the photo was captured using Nikon D850 camera.

Photo that was wrongly claimed by Huawei to be taken using its smartphone

The user name Jamie-hua found that one of the image in the video was taken from photography platform 500px and the image clearly mentions that it is captured using a Nikon camera and the EXIF data proves the same.

After the news surfaced, Huawei apologised for this and said that the editor made a mistake in marking the photo in the promo video. Further, the company also thanked the Weibo user for pointing out this issue and has also made required changes in the video.

However, do note that this is not the first time Huawei has been caught with this mistake. The company did the same for the P30 series smartphones. While Huawei has some of the best camera performance on a smartphone, the repeated wrong claims casts doubt on the company’s intentions.