Huawei Honor 6 Plus: First Impressions and Hands On Images

We recently got our hands on the Huawei Honor 6 Plus -`the company’s first stand out high-end phone with a rear double camera. The Honor 6 is priced well, selling at Flipkart for Rs. 26,499. So, here are our hands on and first impressions of the device for you.


The first thing you will notice about the Huawei Honor 6 Plus is that despite its large frame, the phone is absolutely light weight. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the Huawei Honor 6 stretched to size. At 165 grams, with an almost uniformly equal weight distribution, the phone feels quite easy to handle. It is a 5.5-inch device, so that ‘big phone’ feel is there, but without the bulk.


It’s a big phone but one that will fit much more easily in your pocket than many other competing phones. Other than the shape of the device, it also inherits the thin bezels from the Huawei Honor 6, which is great, since many big devices end up mostly with bug bezels – an absolute waste of screen real estate. The rounded edges make the phone easy to handle. Despite a glossy design, the phone feels easy to hold, because of its shape.






The one thing that irks me though is that now, you need a pin to open up the phone, while earlier you could open the flaps. Other than that, and obviously the camera, the unibody design is pretty much the same.


Under the hood, the Huawei Honor 6 Plus comes with a HiSilicon Kirin 925 SoC which has an octa-core processor in the big.LITTLE configuration. There is a quad-core Cortex A7 and a quad-core Cortex A15 processors which is paired with 3GB of RAM. I have been a fan of this configuration, ever since I saw it in action on the Huawei Honor 6.


It is quite fast, in fact, browsing or navigating through apps was buttery smooth. Huawei hasn’t upgraded the phone to Lollipop, but has actually upgraded the UI – while the Huawei Honor 6 came with the Emotion UI 2.3, this one comes with Emotion UI 3.0. Stuff like wallpaper auto-change is still there, but new phone has been added, for example, customization to the camera.


The Huawei Honor 6 runs on a 3900 mAh slugger of a battery and therefore could really last long.


The camera on the Huawei Honor 6 is definitely its USP. There are two 8-megapixel cameras at the back, accompanied by dual LED flash.


While taking the shots, something tells me that this, besides some marketing hype has some substance to it, especially at 0.75 aperture.

But, what to make of this phone, right? Well, simply put, the asking price does pitch this phone in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy A5, the OnePlus One, Moto X and the Xiaomi Mi4. Simple answer, based on my first impressions of the device – In terms of the camera, this device beats the pants out of the competition.

If you are an avid photo geek, this phone is totally worth checking out.