Huawei partners with Reliance to offer bundled data on Wi-Fi dongles and Mi-Fi devices

With people requiring to stay connected even on the move, Huawei has partnered with Reliance to offer data bundling plans for their customers.


Huawei has announced its partnership with Reliance Communications to launch open market 3G Wi-Fi dongles and 3G Mi-Fi devices in India. As part of the partnership, Reliance would offer 2 GB of free 3G data with Huawei’s 3G Wi-Fi dongles and 3G Mi-Fi devices.

Speaking about the offer, P Sanjeev, Sales Director, Huawei Device India, said, “Our partnership with Reliance Communications is an initiative in the direction of connecting more Indians to the Internet highway. We are happy to associate with Reliance as it provides us with an opportunity to leverage the best of experiences offered by their wide and robust 3G network. Today, people are consuming a lot of content on the go, especially in the form of videos in cars, hotels, at homes & in offices on a variety of connected devices. We are now offering these consumers an opportunity to share the Internet amongst 10 devices in a cost-effective manner.”