Hugo Barra shares photo taken from the Mi 5 to show the camera power

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is set to be launched on February 24 and by now, most of the rumored specs have been confirmed, either officially or through benchmark listings. Now, Hugo Barra, Global VP of Xiaomi has himself taken to social media and has shared a photo taken by Mi 5 to show its camera power.

Taken from Mi 5. No Manual Settings. HDR Only.
Cropped area shown using yellow colored rectangle
Cropped area zoomed in. Can you spot that spider web?

As mentioned on social media, Barra took this photo from Mi 5 during holidays and has taken it on default settings without making any adjustments, except turning on the HDR mode.

He tweeted these images by saying “So amazed by #Mi5 camera details (see crop & zoom pics) using HDR only—full-res photo“. The images we have shared above are low-resolution version of the ones shared by Hugo Barra. Head on to the MIUI forum to take a look at the original ones.