Idea offers 200,000 hours of free internet for Opera Mini users

Idea Cellular is offering 200,000 hours of free internet for users of the popular third party browser, Opera Mini. Idea is offering free internet over the next 20 days with the web pass service of Opera Mini.


The web pass service of Opera Mini is for people who want to surf the internet for a short duration and don’t need a full time data plan. Currently in India, only Idea is offering a web pass. Idea web passes on Opera Mini start from Re. 1, which gives you hourly internet access/daily Facebook access to Rs. 30, which gives you a week’s internet access.

Idea is offering a ‘Free Internet Trial pass (3 MB)’, which gives the user an hour of free internet access up to 3 MB on Opera Mini. Opera Mini users can go to the Speed Dial page in the browser and hit the ‘Idea Web Pass’.

This free internet trial pass can be availed only once by a single user and it is available 10,000 users in a day with the first come first serve basis. With this free internet pass, Idea is offering 200,000 hours of free internet over the course of the next 20 days.

Every Opera Mini user can avail this offer and if you don’t have Opera Mini on your smartphone, you can download it from