IE9 for Windows Phone Mango to have improved features

Microsoft has confirmed that the Internet Explorer 9 mobile browser that will be embedded in Windows Phone 7.5 is going to have a lot of improvements, and the best part is that it will run on the same engine and will support the same features as the original desktop version of IE9.
windows_phone_9_IE9  The image shows what the WP7 browser looks like and how the WP7.5 browser will look like.

Here is the list of the supporting features of IE9 for Windows Phone:

o    Audio
o    Canvas
o    DOM Storage (Web Storage)
o    Geolocation
o    Selection APIs
o    Semantic Elements
o    Video

o    CSS 2.1 compliance
o    CSS3 2D Transforms
o    CSS3 Backgrounds & Borders
o    CSS3 Color
o    CSS3 Media Queries
o    CSS3 Namespaces
o    CSS3 Values and Units
o    CSS3 Selectors

o    DOM Core (L2 and L3) and Views (L2)
o    DOM Element Traversal
o    DOM L2 and L3 Events
o    DOM L2 HTML
o    DOM L2 Style
o    DOM L2 Traversal and Range
o    Enhanced DOM
o    Mutable DOM Prototypes
o    Selectors API

ECMAScript 5

SVG 1.1 (Second Edition)
o    Most document structure, interactivity and styling
o    Basic shapes
o    Filling, stroking, marker, color
o    Patterns
o    Paths
o    Text


o    Cross-domain request (XDR)
o    Data URI support
o    Native JSON support
o    SVG in HTML

Mango now shares its engine with Internet Explorer 9 so now it has the ability to access the phone’s built-in graphics processor to make web-based video and animation run faster and smoother. It also has a faster JavaScript engine and supports cutting-edge web standards like HTML5. In case all of this doesn’t make sense to you, then let us tell you that there will be a lot of visual changes, smoother browsing, faster loading of pages and much more, basically what you might get on the desktop browser.

We are waiting Microsoft, just give us the update already!!

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