Image of Moto X test device for Verizon leaked

With a number of devices being spotted in the hands of company executives, a Verizon test device of the Moto X has leaked showing what looked like stock Android.


According to the images leaked, the Moto X smartphone with the markings of a test unit: the “not for sale” and “Motorola confidential property” are seen. Just that the top corner of the device has been blurred out, making us wonder what kind of sensor, if any, is placed there.

The device seen in the image resembles the earlier leaks, especially with the thin bezels. More interestingly, we can see the device running what seems like stock Android. While it is expected to get a near-pure version of Android, we had heard rumours of some kind of customization by Motorola to the OS. Also note the 4G icon in the status bar. We are now just about a month away from the release date of August 23.