Inbox by Gmail app released to take your email experience to the next level

While Google has been actively working to improve the email experience, the company has now released the Inbox app for Gmail.


Google has announced the release of the Inbox by Gmail app. The app, which is currently available on Android and iOS, allows the user to sort through all the emails and categorize them accordingly. The app automatically highlights important information like upcoming events, flight itineraries, documents and photographs.

Inbox also draws some functionality from the popular Google Now and helps the user check the real-time status of an upcoming flight, shipped package etc. the app can also be used to add reminders. The app also is equipped with the Assists feature which will scour the web to help you complete the set tasks.

Unfortunately, Inbox by Gmail is currently invite-only and is being rolled out at a very slow pace. While you can head out to the Google Play store and download the app, you can’t use it till you get the invite. The fastest way to get an invite would be to request your friends who have been invited to Inbox, else just drop a line to and wait patiently for your invite.