Indian handset manufacturers not on the menu for Microsoft

With Windows Phone catching up the smartphone market, Microsoft is pretty happy with the way things are going. They have tied up with many handset manufacturers, however if you notice, the company has not shown any interest in local handset manufacturers in the country.

There are a huge number of companies manufacturing handsets here in India, but somehow we don’t see Microsoft very keen on partnering with any of them.

Why? Well according to Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman of Microsoft India, the local handset makers does not have the necessary technological specifications that would make Microsoft keen to partner them. He goes on to say “The Windows Phone requires a specification for the user experience. We want to give the same kind of experience that Apple has. This limits the number of manufacturers who can build a product around that.”

Other points that he pointed out included that the price segment was a concern as Microsoft wants to focus on the smartphone segment and not the lower budgeted feature handsets. He also said that software confidentiality is a major issue which the company cannot compromise with.

So, will we see Micromax, Karbonn, or the likes running Windows Phone any time soon? Well, it seems the we just might not.