How to install Windows 11 Preview on your computer

A few days ago, Microsoft officially announced its latest operating system — Windows 11, as a successor to Windows 10. Recently, the company also released the first build of Windows 11 to members of the Windows Insider program.

If you are keen on trying this new version of the operating system on your Windows computer, then here is a guide on how you can join the insider program and install the Windows 11 Insider Preview on your computer.


Stage 1: Check Compatibility

Before proceeding further to install Windows 11 operating system on your computer, you need to see if your computer meets the system requirements. You can do so by downloading Microsoft’s free PC Health Check app and running it on your device.


After running the app, you will be informed if you are good to install the new version of the operating system or can’t do so. Along with that, it will also show details if it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Stage 2: Join Windows Insider Program

Now, to install the Windows 11 operating system, you will need to join the Windows Insider Program by signing up to be a beta tester for early releases. To join, you will need to visit the Windows Insider website and click “Register.” Now, sign in with your Microsoft Account to join the program.

After you have registered to be a part of the Windows Insider program, log into your Windows 10 computer, open the Settings app and then click on “Update & Security” to select the “Windows Insider Program” in the sidebar and click “Get Started.”


Once you have linked the Windows Insider account, you will need to choose the “Dev” channel for the “Pick Your Insider Settings” to get the Windows 11 Insider Preview, and after choosing the channel, click the “Confirm” button. You will then need to restart your computer to fully link the account and enroll in the program.

Stage 3: Download Windows 11 Preview

After completing the above steps, open the Settings app on your device and navigate to Settings > Update & Security and click on the Windows Insider Program again. Now, click on “Check for Updates,” and after a moment, the Windows 11 Insider Preview will start downloading on your device.


Once it is downloaded and installed, you will need to restart your device. Windows Update will then take over updating your PC while you see a blue screen that shows the progress. After a few restarts, your computer will reboot into a login screen with the clock in a new location. This confirms that the system is now running the Windows 11 Insider Preview. Just log in and start using the newer version of Windows OS.