Intel to make 64-bit Bay Trail processors for Windows tablets

With 64 bit processors become a craze in the smartphone industry, Intel is planning of entering that specific domain to compete with the other contenders.


According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, a Windows tablet running on its 64 bit architecture Bay Trail processor would enter the market next year. The tablets would obviously run on the 64 bit version of the Windows 8.1. However the company has plans to power a few Android based tablets with the same 64 bit processor. Interestingly, such tablets are expected to be priced as low as $150.

Considering that the Android platform is optimized for 64 bit processors as it is inherited from the Linux kernel, companies like Samsung and Qualcomm have started producing their own 64 bit processors to power smartphones. However unfortunately, the Android apps are not yet optimized for the 64 bit architecture. Similarly 64 bit processors allow for more than 4 GB of RAM, which no Android smartphone has reached as yet.