iPhone 5 to bring NFC payments to your daily life

Apple’s iPhone is becoming a heated topic once again.  And it is getting exciting too. It seems Apple’s next iPhone might feature Near-fields-connectivity (NFC) in a big way.  NFC has been around for sometime now. Everyone from Samsung to Nokia has grappled with it and even come up with services like Nokia Money, but without any success to talk of. While services like Nokia money have failed to woo people to graduate to NFC, it’s Apple turn to come up NFC based solutions and make NFC based payments popular.


Before we go on about NFC, first lets look at what it is and what it does. NFC is basically a technology through which, based on sensors, you can send and receive information by swiping a device against an NFC-based detector. What’s new? It doesn’t need an Internet connection and is more secure than credit cards. And it works even when your phone is switched off. It is the technology that we have only seen in Sci-fi flicks
Apple has till date transformed the industry it has stepped into and expect nothing short of its usual self when it comes to. We don’t even need to state what Apple has done with the iPod and iPad in the past, because everyone already knows. NFC. The future of e-payments will definitely change according to us.

NFC is touted to be a replacement for credit cards. Companies have shown a lot of interest in it and want to make NFC-based payments a reality. But the truth is that you and me wouldn’t take it seriously unless it can be done at say, our neighboring chemist.

If Apple steps into NFC, it is possible that big companies like MasterCard might also take interest and I think as a replacement for credit cards, It’s quite workable. I mean think multiple cards, Pin numbers etc., all that in one single device? Its sounds good. One more thing I would like to add here would be that, see, mobiles are to seriously come with it, they might have secure systems in place like VPN encryption so your data doesn’t go haywire.

We are at the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens with the iPhone 5. Aren’t you?