Is Tata DoCoMo another kid in the race?

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Is Tata DoCoMo another kid in the race?
I think NO!
NTT DoCoMo is one of the advanced carrier in the world.
They come from japan where

-96% are on 3G and 35% are on 3.5G
-85% of subscribers use online services
-Users can buy garmets worn by the models via mobile phone
-Almost every one using some form of m-Commerce and mobile payments

When its comes to technology, no one can beat DoCoMo. They have come here to India a hot market with tremendous opportunity in telecom at the right time . What DoCoMo brought from japan are great learnings in implementing advanced technology,consumer insight insight towards connected lifestyle and they have a strong back-end support to implement many firsts in telecom space in India!

Almost all carriers have shifted their focus towards VAS due to the decline in ARPU. Youngsters going to define the market especially in telecom. When they need to be attracted they have to be feed with stuff they never experienced. DoCoMo is capable of doing that.

What more can one ask when they have a partner in TATA? When number portability gets introduced, then it will separate men from boys!

DoCoMo is here to rule. Not just stay. And to re-write the strategies of competitors.