ixigo introduces 1-Tap Cab Booking feature for the cabs app

While hailing a cab becomes a major hurdle in a new place owing to internet connectivity and other issues, ixigo has now launched 1-Tap Cab Booking.


Ixigo, one of India’s top travel search app, has announced the launch of ‘1-Tap Cab Booking’ feature on the ixigo cabs app. The feature allows the user to book the nearest available cab in one tap of a button on the home screen. Interestingly, the service doesn’t require a stable internet connection to function and can be ideally used at airports, railway stations and bus stations.

To offer the ‘1-Tap Cab Booking’ feature, ixigo uses a combination of intelligence about the user’s location through existing PNR confirmations on a user’s phone and SMSes for when the internet connection doesn’t work to seamlessly book a cab for the user. The app also prompts the users prior to their journey to the station or airport and also when they have just landed or are about to reach their destination.

Speaking about the ‘1-Tap Cab Booking’ feature, Rajnish Kumar, CTO and Co-Founder, ixigo, said, “Opening multiple cab apps to compare ETAs & pricing, and then booking a cab consumes time, especially when you are at a place with weak Internet & GPS signals. On average it takes a minimum of 20 seconds to book a cab on any of the existing cab apps.  With 1-Tab Cab Bookings, we allow users to book their nearest cab in just 3 seconds by tapping and holding a button on their home screen. The best part is that this feature works even without internet and GPS. No more stress when you land at the airport or as your train is arriving at your station. Just 1-Tap and you are done!