Just over 1 million Android tablets have been sold

With Android becoming the number mobile platform, it seems fair that Android equipped handsets are selling like hotcakes. About 5,50,000 android devices are activated every day, surely a big number there. But what about the tablet market? How well is the Android tablet market doing ?
Well, John Gruber of Daring Fireball claims that he has a close estimation of just how many Android tablets have been sold. Grubber has formulated a calculation which shows the number of sold Android tablets, which are as low as 1.21 million. His formula uses the number of devices that have accessed the Android Market in the past 7 days and are defined as “Xlarge” with 7-inch or larger screens, and the 135 million Android devices that Larry Page recently claimed had been activated up to this point. The percentage of Xlarge devices that have accessed the Android Market in the last week is 0.9% according to Google’s reports. Multiply the 0.9 percent by 135 million, and that accounts to 1.21 million.

The number is pretty small if you compare the iPad. Apple has sold around 28.73 million iPads, at the end of June and is still rising. There are more than 20 Android tablet manufacturers worldwide but with such low sale record, Android is not the popular one among tablet lovers.