Knocking iPhone App lets you share Pics LIVE

knocking-iphone-app Pointy Heads Software launched an application ‘Knocking’ for iPhone which allows to establish live, device-to-device connectivity regardless of proximity or other barriers. It allows creates an instant device-to-device connection allowing one iPhone user to securely control, browse, and save another user’s photo albums as the other watches it happen, live

Knocking Live Pic Sharing also includes a ‘Facebook Connect’ feature which automatically publishes stories on users’ ‘Knocks’ in real-time. As the first in a series of Knocking apps from Pointy Heads, Knocking Live Pic Sharing is available for download in the social networking category of the Apple app store, free for the first 50,000 users.

How Knocking Works:

  • Open Knocking Live Pic Sharing
  • Set up account
  • Create an album
  • Knock a friend
  • Watch your friend control the album and save your photos