LG G3 expected to receive the Android Lollipop update in Q4, 2014; LG G2 to follow

We have been hearing quite a few reports about the release timelines of the Android Lollipop version. While it was the Samsung Galaxy S5 followed by the Asus Zenfone series, now LG has revealed its plans.


LG has revealed its update plans in a post on its official Germany Facebook page. According to the post, the flagship LG G3 would receive the Android Lollipop update in Q4, 2014. While we are already in Q4, going by other major companies like Motorola and Samsung, we can expect the updates to be rolled out in December.

Interestingly, LG also revealed that the last year’s flagship LG G2 would be getting the Android Lollipop update but only after the LG G3 update roll-out is completed. While the company hasn’t mentioned any specific time-frame for the rollout, we can expect it happening in early 2015. We can also expect other major vendors to release their updates around the same time-frame.