LG Innotek launches 15 watt Quick Wireless Charging Pad

With wireless charging for smartphones becoming quite a trend, LG Innotek has now launched its 15 watt Quick Wireless Charging Pad.


LG Innotek has announced the commercial launch of the 15 watt Quick Wireless Charging Pad. It has a very slim form factor and has advanced technology that prevents the phone from overheating during charging. The charger is designed adhering to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) standards.

According to the company, the 15 watt Quick Wireless Charging Pad can be used with most of the wireless charging smartphones currently available in the market. It supplies 15W power, which like the wired quick charger can charge a depleted battery to 50 percent within 30 minutes.

Speaking about the Quick Wireless Charging Pad, Sung Huh, a head of electronic components business division, said, “We proved that we had the world best wireless charging technology. As a wireless charging module is directly related to the convenience and safety of the users, we will meet the expectations of our customers with advanced performance and perfect product quality.